[Guide] Deinterlacing for console games

Actually scratch that last comment i cannot get this crossbar thing to work. I got it to work 1 time yesterday but it just wont work now. I opened up obs (64 bit), opened up crossbar thing on the side. Previewed my stream, then configured crossbar thing and clicked apply. Not only did it not work but the settings will never stay the same when i go back to it. This is infuriating because i dont think im doing anything wrong but the simple fact that it worked once must mean im doing something wrong now. i just have no idea what it is.

Omg i just figured it out. I guess the dazzle doesnt support usb 3.0. Switched it to a 2.0 slot and it worked great. I feel dumb >_<


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If anyone is having the "no combination of intermediate filters could be found" error while trying to configure amarec, make sure your OBS is closed and that nothing else is trying to use your dazzle!

I had this problem for a few hours before realizing the fix, it was extremely frustrating.