Question / Help GPU Stop Working 100% When Opening OBS Causing Game Stutter And Lag

Kevin Tran

New Member
Hello Guys, I'm Having 2 Problems With Streaming Which Really Need Your Help !!!
My Specs:
GTX 1080ti
16Gb RAM
Z370-p Prime
600W power Supply
My OBS Settings:
6000 Bitrate
Keyframe 2, Bluray/ High, 2 Pass Encoding, Lanczos
First Problem : My PUBG Always Use Nearly 50% CPU usage, while my OBS takes around 30 to 35%, the rest usually causing CPU bottleneck. Is there anyone know how to lower PUBG CPU usage without setting affinity ?? YES, I have tried all in-game setting but doesn't change at all. I saw a guy on Linus Tech Tips Forum and He's using i7-6700k and a GTX 980 , he only get 10% CPU usage in-game , 100% GPU usage. I have tried to copy his setting but like I said , nothing changed.
Second : Much More Important one. Whenever I open OBS , the Game ONLY USE 60 TO 70% GPU , Causing the game to Stutter And Lag.
I have tried every way I can, Including update bios, reinstall Windows, viruses.
I posted few times on reddit, Linus Tech Tips, Tom's Hardware. But Not yes found an answer, So please help me because I built a high end PC and now I can not stream PUBG with stable 70 to 90 fps.
Thanks for helping !!