Question / Help Getting 3 FPS?

Led Foot

I have used OBS a lot before, and i just came back after a year and updated. Now when i go record, my game runs fine, my settings are set to 20 FPS recording, yet i go back and checking my recording and its in 3 FPS? Even my live picture of what i am recording is in 3 FPS.

Everything else is fine from what i understand, what am i missing?

Led Foot

Sometimes the game i am playing will lag, sometimes it won't. It seems unstable, but the 3 fps is constant.
Remove display capture and use game capture. If it still persists chances are your video card cannot keep up with the rendering.
Led Foot, did you select to capture the Exectuable with the correct window name? You need to have the game running and then open the Game Capture window, and select the game, don't use Capture Any Fullscreen App, I find it never works. also ensure your drivers are up to date as the other member suggested...

Led Foot

Same things happens. It worked fine on other versions, now all of a sudden it breaks now when i update?

How do i even update my drivers anyways?
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Grab the 18.6.1 set of drivers at the top of the page, once downloaded, start the installer setup. Once it is done unpacking, it will start the installer, It will analyze your system, Select the 18.6.1 drivers, and select CUSTOM INSTALL in order to do a CLEAN install. Let it complete all the way. The Clean install option will uninstall all AMD drivers and then reinstall them again, this will require at least 1 reboot between the uninstallation and the installation, your screens will flash and go big resolution etc.. during the process, this is normal. Once finished, if it doesn't ask you to restart, be sure you do anyway, always a good idea. Once rebooted give it a whirl and let us know.

Also you may wish to make sure your chipset drivers are up to date afterwards as well because a clean install can uninstall other AMD drivers on your system. Those can be found here
Same rules apply, be sure to restart after the installation even if not necessary or asked.

Once those are out of the way, let us know what's happening.