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There may be compatibility issues with OBS game capture and Witcher 3, where the game immediately exits when trying to capture it. I have made a small update to game capture to try and resolve this problem, but it needs testing. You can download the test build from

Extract the .DLL file to your C:\Program Files (x86)\OBS\plugins\GraphicsCapture folder, replacing the old file. If you use the 64 bit version of OBS, the .DLL needs to go to C:\Program Files\OBS\plugins\GraphicsCapture instead.

When running OBS with this test file, it will ask you to update since the game capture DLL no longer matches the latest published version. Decline the update prompt or you will revert to the old file.

Please provide feedback in this thread as to whether this worked or not, including where your copy of Witcher 3 was purchased from and what GPU you are using.


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Yes, this works for me. I made sure to verify/repair the game so that it would redownload d3d11.dll and dxgi.dll.
Using a GTX 770 and purchased the game from GOG.
I've actually noticed that in OBS .651b game capture doesn't like to work sometimes with alot of games the version before this. Are we going to see any update soon for regular obs? I'm not a big fan of the multi platform version. Btw, I absolutely love OBS so much better than fraps. One thing i've also noticed with mic/sound i'm using a preamp interface for streaming/recording it's an focusrite scarlett 2i2 I have to literally put my sound volume in obs down to 30% and lower the one in windows mixer to 30% also. Is this normal?


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Game capture works with the majority of DirectX/OpenGL games, so if you can't capture a certain game there might be something else going on. And there are probably not going to be anymore updates to OBS, it's basicly dead development-wise. OBS multiplatform will replace it when it reaches feature-parity with the original OBS.
I just like the whole lay out I guess. I tried using multiplatform last night. It wasn't as easy to set up as OBS itself. the recording part is actually harder IMO. Streaming is so/so. I had all my stuff set up and recorded and the quality was 100X worse, and the sound was horrid. I use an interface so when it recorded it recorded to only one side of the channel, couldn't find a "force mono to stereo" like regular obs had. I do like some features of multiplatform like the sound bar but I noticed a bug like when you switch scenes the webcam won't work anymore, I also can't crop the webcam either holding alt and dragging the left side in didn't cut it at all, just shrunk it. Tried all the buttons wouldn't work. It just needs alot of improvement. Mostly the scenes section more than anything and settings. And seeing a built in compression/eq would be awesome for voice.

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Click the gear wheel then click Downmix to Mono for your Audiosource.
For cropping right click the Scene you want to Crop > Filters > now add the Effect Filter Crop.

And yes the settings are far more advanced (and verbose?) when you select the advanced output.
I personally like that but I can understand that it's a bit overwhelming for people that just want to do local recording for example.


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Well, I don't really know what you mean by the recording quality being worse...they use the same encoders, so there shouldn't be any difference in video quality if you used the same settings.

As for raw audio quality, some work is being done to see if we can use some different encoders, since we can't use the same one that was used in OBS. However, setting your audio bit rate to at least 160kbps should still sound good.
I think some of the things are just renamed in the video recording advanced section. I'm used to everything that is in the normal part of obs so when I go into advanced it looks so much different. Not sure exactly what I did wrong. Right now i'm sticking to just obs in general because it doesn't have any issues for me so far


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I had the crash issues with fullscreen as well, eventhough it's gone since the 1.05 update of Witcher 3. But now I have weird screen flickering problems, when the game is captured. Without, everything is fine. Unfortunately, your tweaked file doesn't help.

Using a NVIDIA SLI 980 setup with the newest drivers, game purchased at GOG. Hope somebody can help.

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