Question / Help Game Capture Not Working Like It used to


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Im a Streamer on Picarto and I use Game Capture to share my Screen with the Art Program I use (CSP) and By accident I removed a Certain Scene that made it all Buggy so I cant Show my window anymore and I get is a black screen and the outline of the window flashing

As u can see in the video here, Its very faint but it just doesnt want to work for me.


I have no clue what to do whatsoever so im stuck here aimlessly trying to get it to work
I have tried Uninstalling, Messing with the Settings, Removing and Adding new Profiles/Scenes/Etc and I gave up so here I am now.


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I've been having the exact same issue but with any application or game i try to pull up. Only, my obs was never buggy and it just stopped working altogether.