Game Capture crashes game (Quake Live)


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I've noticed an odd bug with OBS 26.1.1 (64-bit, windows). The video game "Quake-Live" on Steam will crash during a map load when you run OBS before starting the game that's already 'Capturing a specific window' (Quake-Live). However, OBS will capture just fine if you load a map on the video game first, then start OBS (or add the Game Capture). Although, it will eventually crash when the map is changed.

I've tried unchecking "use anti-cheat compatibility hook" and "Capture Cursor". I've even disabled Steam overlay in-game. The issue was still persisting.


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Here's an example of the game crashing to desktop while OBS is running with 'Game Capture' mode:


I'm not interested in using other capture modes, since it is not a solution, it's a workaround.
I'm currently using 'Twitch Studio Beta' instead of OBS. I find that it doesn't crash at all when using the game capture equivalent mode.

The 'Game Capture' works as intended on another software. So, I believe this issue is likely related to how OBS captures the game...

Looking forward to a fix, meanwhile I'll be at the other side for now.


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you found your solution;).
Not really, using another program that has limited features is not a solution.

why do you think it's an OBS problem
Because it only crashes when using OBS which tries to hook into the game using "Game Capture".
I mentioned before that it works just fine (no game crashes) using Twitch Studio Beta software that does the same thing as "Game Capture". If it was a problem with the game, then it would be crashing on all software and not a select few.

maybe obs is not whitlisted at the moment at betheda
The game hasn't been updated since 2016, considering that Twitch Studio Beta is a new software released less than a year. I highly doubt that its been 'whitelisted' if such a list really exists, but it works just fine... With the exception of limited features when compared to OBS.

or or or best post a log first so that we can find out what about your hardware you may also have a log from QL so that we can find out why it is?!?
Here's an OBS log I captured at the time of testing:

Unfortunately there's no crash log produced by Quake-Live, the game crashes unexpectedly and doesn't even produce a log file.


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try to deinstall
14:15:56.946: Bitdefender Antivirus: enabled (AV)
The same issue persists on another machine without this AV.
This is a known issue with this particular game.

the hook of the game is like a injection of code !?!?
Yes. According to the forum Administrator @dodgepong "OBS injects a hook into the game so it can download frames from the game directly onto the GPU's VRAM, bypassing system RAM entirely. " The issue here is related to OBS's implementation of injecting a hook into the game.