Question / Help frozen/black screen when using display capture to stream fortnite in full-screen


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I am attempting to stream fortnite using display capture as it looks more crisp than using game capture. I have recently started playing fortnite in full-screen as i was told it performs better than windowed-borderless. Before this transition into playing in full-screen , I used display capture to stream my full middle monitor while playing in windowed-borderless. My problem is occuring when it is set to record my mid display and i am playing in fullscreen. When i am not in game, alt+tabbed out, or on a different application it seems as if there is no troubles. However, when i tab into the game and attempt to play, the screen on obs freezes and or goes black as if the game crashed or froze even though it is running fine on my side. I know most fortnite streamers run the game in fullscreen and record the whole display i just cannot figure out the issue. I am forced to use game capture when streaming even though there is a significant difference.