Question / Help Framerate ingame is perfect, but every video is choppy. No setting changes have helped so far


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As the title says, whenever I try to record gameplay the resulting file always contains dropped frames. In-game there are no frames being dropped and it's beginning to really frustrate me.

I have tinkered with the settings a lot and nothing seems to work. I've switched encoders, changed the bitrate to both higher and lower numbers, fiddled around with the presets and profiles and I'm lost as to what else I can do. I would imagine my computer is capable of recording pretty solid video, but I'm hoping to get some help so the video can actually be smooth and not choppy.

Here's the log file of my last recording attempt

Log FIle

Thank you for any and all advice that may be provided.


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Rendering lag, gpu getting overloaded. Overwatch is stealing too much gpu usage from obs.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure Overwatch is one of those games that doesn't have any kind of framerate limiter other than using vsync.


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Thanks for bringing that up. I didn't even think about limiting the framerate. There is actually an option to set a custom cap so I set that to 60. I'm still having frame drops, but I can't tell if they're more or less frequent.

When I try using the x264 encoder I get frame drops in-game, so recording with the NVENC encoder seems to be the better of the two options. Lowering some settings in-game made no noticeable impact, unfortunately.

I'm going to experiment with some of my other games and see if this is solely an Overwatch problem, which I probably should have done in the first place.


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After experimenting with a few games of differing genres, I'm certain I should be using NVENC as opposed to x264. Performance in game and the recorded footage is vastly improved in everything I recorded aside from in The Binding of Isaac, which I found mildly interesting. I have provided a new log that contains my various experiments with a handful of games. If anyone has any suggestions for how to continue minimizing frame drops, I'd be incredibly grateful.

I'm kind of at a loss for what to do next since changing settings hasn't seemed to have much of an impact in reducing or increasing the amount of dropped frames. Is there even anything that can be done or will I have to choose between dealing with dropped frames or choosing a different recording software?

Experimenting Log File
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I've continued trying changing around my settings both in-game and in OBS and nothing seems to work for getting those pesky dropped frames down.

So far I've dropped my bitrate and raised it, switched from CBR to CQP and changed those numbers around ranging from 15-23 but I don't want to sacrifice too much quality so I've been keeping it around 18. I've switched video formats, raised and lowered in-game settings to no avail, tried closing apps that I wasn't using, and I've switched encoders from x264 to NVENC as stated above.

Does anybody have any suggestions for what to try next? I'd welcome anything