Question / Help FPS dropped but nothing in log says it is.


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So I have been using OBS for a long time now. I have had my isues here and there but this is a little different. When I am playing certain games mostly games like PUBG and Fortnite the framerate seems to drop like crazy bad all of sudden after the latest windows update I think it was the May or April one. I also have the latest of OBS now and well the stream was around 60 before no issues now it wont run at more then 0.2 fps when i click off of OBS but again this only seems to happen for those 2 games. Now when I am playing this my CPU sits at about 30-40% and my GPU hits 90-100% (about 80% is PUBG or Fortnite and the rest is OBS and other possible apps) This wasn't a problem before updating windows and yet I also made sure to shut off all of windows games bullshit applications. I have tried a number of combinations of settings here is the log of my most common setting use. Also not the games themselves have no issues like frame rate drops or anything like that. Also I dont have to be doing anything like recording or streaming for the FPS to tank.