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Hello Everyone,

I have a issue about fps drop when everything closed and only obs running. I'am not even recording or streaming. I found out my problem is "Frames missed due to rendering lag". I've tried to reinstall obs studio multiple times, reinstalled graphic card driver multiple times(Clean install). Turn on multiple screen on BIOS. Changed and tried almost every possible options on obs but i'cant reach 60 fps even in idle. Can you help me? My log and screenshot of stats bar attached. Specs I7-4790k and GTX 980 Ti.

Thanks in advance


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Is this happening without any game opened?
Usually rendering lag and not reaching the desired frame rate in OBS is caused by too much GPU load, but it could also happen, if you add multiple recoding sources in one scene, like game capture + another game capture + display capture + capture card).

If you GPU load is is under 90% (don't check with Taskmanager, use GPU-Z) but you still get rendering lag, I would suggest to create a new scene collection (not just a scene) and start with only game capture in it.


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According to your log, processing time on the GPU is wasted in this call:
03:04:27.839: ┣tick_sources: min=0.001 ms, median=17.587 ms, max=373.969 ms, 99th percentile=48.798 ms
I don't know the inner workings of OBS, but my guess is that this call may have to do with scanning all sources for something, and you may have some source that has a huge latency.
To troubleshoot, I recommend you remove all sources and re-add them one by one and see with which source the fps drop starts to happen.


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Hello again,
I used Gpu-z here is the result. I don't have technical information but it looks like something related gpu core clock. But other values seems normal to me. How can it possible?


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