Question / Help Final OBS Video (After Recording) Laggy, Choppy, and Freezes


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Hello! I made an obsproject account in the hope that I can find someone to help me reach the solution to my problem -
Why does OBS seem to run smoothly and not at all lag when giving me real-time footage of what it is recording

but as soon as I finish recording and look at the final video, the quality drops significantly?
What I'm trying to say is as soon as I stop recording and check out the video file the video is extremely choppy and what it looks like to be skipping several frames within the video, the overall video quality (what it looks like) is extremely pixelated, and the video itself loves to freeze for a brief few seconds before jumping to another part of the video. Does anyone know what is going on, what the problem might be caused by, and how I can fix it? This is extremely important to me.
Oh, and here's my last log file.

In case you are curious I also have been changing between regular OBS studio and Streamlabs OBS in case one records better than the other, and no, I do not stream on Streamlabs OBS and only use it to record for this time period, in the hopes that it might actually work. In fact, I already have tried the auto-optimizer for Streamlabs just to clarify for myself if it makes a difference when I record or not.

Here's an example of a video recorded with my set up, so you can get an idea of what I am talking about:

If my computer specs are required, I will be happy to list them.
Additionally, please let me know if I am missing anything or did anything wrong in the making of my post. After all, I am relatively new to the site and it's forums.

And I probably wouldn't be here making this right now if I hadn't tried everything else, like YouTube support and other bits and pieces of info from other threads in this forum that I thought would have helped me but didn't.

tl;dr -
* video footage after recording is choppy, laggy, low quality, and freezes constantly.
* Im curious if there is a real cause to this problem and if I am able to fix it.
* I want to know if it is possible whether or not I can record a non-choppy video that is half decent and is somewhat watchable (i.e., not pixely/pixelated)
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