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Fast Monitor Capture with Aero Enabled on Windows Vista/7


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Fast Monitor Capture with Aero Enabled on Windows Vista/7 - No more slow Monitor capture!

Note: This feature is still experimental as of OBS 0.62, so use at your own risk.

If you're using Windows Vista or 7, you probably (hopefully) know that standard Monitor capture performs absolutely terribly if you have Aero enabled, and it is recommended that you disable Aero if you need to use Monitor capture, or avoid it entirely.

However, as of version 0.62 of OBS, it is now possible to use game capture to capture your monitor as if your monitor was a game...

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heros in an halfshel
No it does not, because the hardware accelerated DWM is not used when Aero is disabled.


I posted a log yesterday on the IRC channel, the only thing Jim suspected was the onboard gpu + nvidia, but I proceeded to disable the onboard one to test and the problem was still there.

I'll post a log tonight when at home :)


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I had this working, though my primary monitor wasn't the one I wanted to stream. So I changed the main display in windows to the one I want (I've got 3 screens) and now I don't have an option under game capture for DWM Monitor Capture. I've tried rebooting a few times as I hadn't at first, though that didn't solve it.


I've also tried an uninstall and reinstall.

Just tried the analyse option and it says aero is disabled, but it isn't... So I tried ticking it on and off still seems to make no difference.

After some messing about I appear to have got it working again. Changed windows themes a few times, not sure exactly how I solved it tbh! I'll leave this jumble of a post here in case it helps someone down the line.
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Since the latest update for some reason when I use this method it doesn't capture my primary monitor but another monitor. Idk why.


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I think this feature is awesome for Windows 7 users. Except those of us using multiple monitors. I hope the functionality to select which monitor you desire to capture could eventually be there in a future release.


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There are better Monitor capture methods available on Windows 8 and probably all versions onwards. And development has moved over to OBS-MP. So its slightly unlikely that someone will put work into this.