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I have been experiencing an issue the past few days since updating both my nvidia and intel graphics drivers to the latest versions, where OBS is unable to initiate the QSV for encoding on either a stream or recording scenario. It appears to pick up both GPU's when starting as shown in the log but when I try to record or stream I'm met with this message:

"Failed to start recording

Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details.
Note: If you are using NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date."

So, on to the troubleshooting steps I've taken so far: a) I have reinstalled OBS and checked for updates so I'm on the newest version (22.0.2 currently). b) I have reinstalled both sets of graphics drivers. c) I've updated windows via windows update d) I've tried using obs with and without a display connected to my igpu on the motherboard

e) now heres where it gets interesting (maybe, for me anyway) If I set OBS to start with using the iGPU via the windows graphics settings option, the recording works perfectly just as it did prior to the driver updates - with one exception, I can't do desktop capture, and neither can I capture anything from any games being rendered via the nvidia gpu.

Any ideas at this point would be very helpful!

System details: Windows 10 Pro (1803), Intel I7 7700K w HD 630 graphics, 32gb ram, and a GTX1080.
Edit: added the driver versions: intel: (2019/01/09) nvidia: 417.71 (2019/01/15)


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After some discussion with the users in the OBS discord, it seems to be an issue related to the newer (post-november) DCH versions of Intels graphics drivers. Reverting back to an older non-DCH version has been a workaround for me thus far but should be tested and considered when developing future versions of OBS where only the newer versions of drivers will be available to users.

For anyone experiencing the problem themselves, driver version (2018/11/18) seems to work fine with OBS.