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Non-OBS Script Facebook Comment Overlay 2018-06-15

min soo yuk

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min soo yuk submitted a new resource:

Facebook Comment Overlay - Shows Facebook comments from the post.

Get your AccessToken from and insert it in between ''

Get your PostID from right click on your video and show URL and insert it in between ''. For instance then 1386803121390582 is the postID

If you are livestreaming on your page, click gear button, embed, copy and paste. Then you will see something like <iframe...

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your tool worked fine! but i notice that if the background is white, we cant see the chat text on screen, since text is also white. any way to make an outline to both the username and chat text?


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Hi, ty, from first, i new it from a loong time ago, cuz im noob

i dont know how to control, the time it POP UP (or appear) and dissapear, it, just says still

i know facebook its way much better than other to comend and anti troll (there stills exist trolls but a little less in the comunity of facebook,)

so any way there are troll accounts, that may be will appear,

so will be great if there will be a script to control the time the comment appear

so the question its, how to set for example, to the facebook coment to appear 30 secs, then dissapear, not animation, im good ffrom controling the time it displays only

(the worst way, its to erase the coment and refresh the page....but i dont think now one will like to do that)


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I am use this in a facebook group not page with
User Access Token
(groups_access_member_info, public_profile)

It works fine for 3-5 minutes after that i get an error from Facebook API
Error: (#4) Application request limit reached

I get this
Current Application Level Rate Limit Status the (call count is reach 100%)
Call Count
GET {video-id} 100%

Facebook msg
(MyAPI) has reached 100% of the hourly rate limit. All API calls to your app will fail until your app falls below the throttling limit.
Here's a breakdown of the methods causing your app to hit the rate limit:
By Call Count:
GET {video-id}/sharedposts 103%

Any idea how can i fix it?
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hey, I am having the same issue as Moikanos.

It works fine for 3-5 minutes after that i get an error from Facebook API
Error: (#4) Application request limit reached

has anyone solved this issue? or can someone help us?


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I am having the same problem on Error: (#4) Application request limit reached.
Can someone lead me to any fix or resolution of this issue please?


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Having gone through the instructions, I think I've got it set up now. But haven't got round to testing it yet with a post receiving comments.

From what I have been able to look up, it seems that there's a limit to how many API calls can be made in a set time, hence why it keeps failing after a few minutes in.

Doesn't seem to be a way to increase the API call limit. Haven't yet figured out how to reduce the API call rate.