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Jesse Vonville

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I wasn't sure if I should post about the Elgato issue I'm having here, or go get help from them, but the problem I'm having only seems to be happening in OBS.

I just bought the Elgato HD. I bought it in hopes I could stream my old xbox and ps2. When I first tried it using OBS, it worked fine, then I decided to set it up for my xbox one. Since I've done so, OBS says it doesn't detect the capture device under the Configure option. Even with that, I can still stream the xbox one.

This problem appears to be with OBS, as the Elgato software and my computer still detects the device. I'm not sure what to do at this point, as I don't wish to reinstall OBS, as all my settings are perfect, and I've already tried uninstalling the Elgato software and drivers.

Can anyone help me?


We(Elgato) do not provide support anymore for OBS classic. Please use OBS Studio for the most recent bug fixes and optimizations.
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