Question / Help Elgato Game Capture HD 60 video lags in OBS


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I wanted to start streaming. Because my PC is not the best, I bought an Elgato Game Capture HD 60, so I can transmit the video and audio from my PC to my Laptop, wich is then running OBS and is sending everything to Twitch. In the OBS Preview I noticed, that video from the capture card wasn't smooth, but lagging and not running at the preset 60 fps. I thought it was a problem with my Laptop, but in Elgato's Game Capture HD Software, the preview is running completely smooth in 60 fps, and without any problems. After trying other settings in OBS, and doing a quick search in this forum, I didn't found a similar problem. Does anyone have similar problems and / or a solution to this problem? Thanks.

PS: I noticed, that the problems in OBS only occur, when I try set capture card quality to 1080p. Maybe this is caused by the Laptop itself, wich has a screen resolution of 720p. But streaming with 1080p60 still works with no problems in Elgato Game Capture HD, so the problem has to do something with OBS.
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