Elgato cam link pro on Mac?


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Hello everyone!
this is my first post here so I'm sorry in advance if I'm posting in the wrong place but I really need help for a live gig coming up soon.

I know that the Elgato cam link pro doesn't have Mac supported software, but I was wondering if it needs any special drivers to run on obs, or should the system just recognise it the same way as generic hdmi capture cards?

I'm using an intel MacBook Pro 16" and I need multi hdmi input. I have an ATEM Mini but I prefer using OBS to build my scenes so I end up using cheap usb capture cards to add more inputs rather than using the ports on the atem.

If the camlink pro works then it would solve all my problems but is maxing out my budget with a egpu enclosure to run it through thunderbolt 3. so the deckling is too expensive for me.

any info is appreciated, thanks!