Duplicate source

the Sage

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I would like to request a 'duplicate source' feature. I know this has been posted and closed here, but I do not think the reply solves the problem. What I would like to be able to do is make a NEW, different source, based on a template with all settings tweaked. Global sources let you place the exact same source, but if you want to be able to edit it independently, that's not currently possible. In order to get, say, 10 copies of a source with the same settings, but with different names and pointing to different URLs, you'd now need to recreate the source and manually re-enter all its settings. An actual 'duplicate source' option would be a big timesaver.


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Oh the closed topic was back for OBS-Classic. With OBS-Studio its a new system of sources. "Use-existing" is available but similar to the global source will not allow you to have different urls set as far as I remember.
Its definitely not a bad idea, also for text-sources that should have the same settings but different texts for example. Its probably something that jim can look at after having feature parity with the classic version.