Bug Report Dropped Frames and Performance Issues


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My first time here so I hope I'll do this right.

Here's the log report with errors in it:

Log File

My setup:

PC: Dell XPS 8700 (i7-4790 3.6GHz/16 GB/GTX 745)
INTERNET: 130 Mbit/s (Download) - 22.5 Mbit/s (Upload)
Elgato Game Capture HD 60S
Xbox One X

My goal:

Stream (Twitch) a 720p @ 30fps gameplay captured from the Xbox via the Elgato with my dedicated PC on a 22.5 Mbit/s upload speed.

Is the goal achievable with the hardware/environment?

I've been streaming for a year now and although my stream always had some pixelation, it would rarely drop frames, stutter, or lag. Now it does it no matter what settings I try and despite all the steps I took to assure maximum performance from my PC (update the drivers/programs, disable unnecessary processes and so on), I keep experiencing dropped frames and lag both in OBS and on stream. I even reinstalled OBS and created a new profile and a scene collection from scratch to make sure everything is optimized and as light as possible and I can confirm it helped a lot but only to start to program faster and now I don't get that "Oops obs has crashed" error window when I exit the program.

I remember updating Windows 10 with some critical updates before noticing the issues during my stream sessions. I know my video card is very old and weak but it seems like it struggles a way lot more in OBS since the Windows Updates. My PC is dedicated to streaming as my games are played from my Xbox and captured with my Elgato. Although I still use my PC to play music and video from YouTube, it shouldn't interfere with OBS to the point it can't stream properly. Again, I never had these issues before. In fact, I remember streaming at 720p @ 48fps without any issue, both on my stream/PC.

Thank you for any possible help.
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