Question / Help Does OBS cache files on the Hard Disk while streaming?


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I would like to install OBS on the SSD.

But does OBS store the files on the hard disk for a short time during streaming or will they be uploaded directly, maybe over the RAM?

I read in older topics that recordings should be saved on the HDD, which I already knew. But how's that while you're streaming?


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The only time you use the HDD/SSD while streaming is when you actively go to record, or save a replay buffer. If you do choose to use the replay buffer, it uses RAM to store the specified amount of encoded video, and then dumps it into the file package at request.


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They will not be cached while streaming.

By the way, even if it were, your SSD would not wear out from that. Use your SSD just as you would use your HD, and the SSD will not wear out within the lifetime of your computer (5-10 years). The rumors from when the first SSDs came out that SSDs will wear out even if you write the tiniest pieces of data have not come true. Actually, tests show that they exceed their projected lifetime by far.
SSDs make perfect devices for video recording and video editing because of their low random access latency.

But for streaming, no, OBS doesn't write any temporary files. It streams directly into your network connection.