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Display Overwolf overlay in OBS


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Does anyone know how to use game capture in OBS multiplatform with overwolf? This plugin was the only way I knew how in old OBS but it doesn't work with multiplatform.


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only just started using overwolf with obs and liked the results untill last night when all of a sudden the overlays started showing on stream using game capture . i dont want this and it did not do it before it just changed half way through the night when i restarted the game at one point.

normaly i just have ts and clock and other overlays on my screen and only stream the game . anyone have any ideas how to get back to this?


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I installed this pluggin today following the instructions. I'm using latest stable version of Overwolf and latest stable version of OBS (both 32 and 64bits).

If I start streaming a game from source "game with overwolf", I sudeenly drop my FPS down to 25 FPS. The only game I play at the moment is Warface and I usually run this game in a range of 166-110 FPS.

Once I start streaming and the FPS drop happens, the only way to return to "normal FPS" is to shut down the game and start it again. Stopping the stream or even closing OBS won't work.

Any ideas?


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My virus protection software flags "owinjectHelper.exe" in OWGraphicsCapture dir as a potential threat. Anyone else get this too? Or any success on the install? I will not give OBS admin rights with that .exe in my plugins directory.


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You can clearly see that the contents of the zip file were scanned. Click on the "File detail" tab.


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What's the difference between: Start Overwolf (for the nice 'Alt-tab' apps overlay) + Start OBS stream with the regular game capture (without this plugin)?

Edit: Ah, ok. Think I got it.
Shadowplay + Overwolf = Viewers see everything.
OBS + Overwolf = Only you see the apps (without the plugin).
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