Question / Help Display capture does not work on my primary monitor - Last log

So I boot my stream and launch the game but then I go into full-screen mode but then my 'Display Capture' just goes black. The wild thing the 'Display Capture' works on the the 2nd monitor but even when I close the game the 'Display Capture' does not capture my primary screen until I restart OBS.

Thanks a lot I can answer any questions if need be! :)


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In OBS, all the sources are active all the time, even if they aren't in the current scene. The term for that is global sources write my paper in 2 hours, if I'm not mistaken. In my case, this problem occurred when I had 2 graphics cards. Usually, one is from Amd. or NVIDIA GeForce and the other is intel HD. So the only thing you need to do is simply disable one of the graphics cards. OBS starts working ok. I had to disable Intel HD.
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