Question / Help Display Capture, crop filter 480x640 but output video is cropped incorrect


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I'm trying to use OBStudio to capture footage of a webgame which is exactly 480 x 640 in size. It's running in Chrome and I want to capture it as a 480 x 640 video.
I tried the following:
  • add Display Capture
  • add filter, change margin settings so it's 480 x 640
  • in Settings -> Video, set "Base (Sanvas) Resoution" and "Output (Scaled) Resolution" to 480 x 640
  • click on "Start Recording"
The resulting output video is 480x640 format, however it is cropped incorrectly. It looks like it's taken some slightly smaller section and upscaled that to 480x640. So it is cut off on the right-hand side and from the bottom, see screenshot in attachement.

So my questions are:
1) How can I record just a section from the display in 480 x 640 format? Is there a better way to do this?
2) In the crop filter, is there a way to enter just TOP, LEFT, WIDTH and HEIGHT? Or maybe display the resulting width and height? (atm I'm using Excel to calculate this, which is not ideal)