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digiCamControl 2.3.32

Duka Istvan

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Duka Istvan submitted a new resource:

digiCamControl - Use your Nikon or Canon dslr camera as video source

This plugin use digiCamControl free software to get live view from dslr camera. When digiCamControl is installed automatically the plugin will be installed. To use the plugin first the application should be started and camera to be connected to PC via USB cable

To use plugin check this example:

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this looks to be a nice plugin however i when i click on the msi file it install the program and i dont get any plugin installed on obs. i have tested with both 32 bit and 64 bit but i dont see any option to add my camera even when it is connected to my computer and the program is running. any idea what can cause this?

Mario Vaher

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Good day,

I am actually facing the same problems as GetMunkedTV. I am using Canon DSLR EOS 500D. Thank in regards for any upcoming solution.

Stig Pfau

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I installed all. DigicamControl and the Plugin and I started the Webserver. But OBS Plugin says I have to start the Webserver.
I tested as nbormal user and admin in 32 &64 bit.

Any other advise?


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I think we need another version for Obs Studio both 32 and 64 bit, does anyone know if this plugin is being actively developed?


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I'm also trying to make this work, have you installed the .net framework and opened the webserver port for digicam in Windows firewall or the firewall application you use?


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Hey I've been using DigiCam with little hassle. No plug in. OBS 64 bit.

Just have your OBS running, then open DigCam and start the LIVE VIEW.
A new window pops up.
Make sure you DO NOT MINIMIZE IT.

Switch to OBS and just capture that window.