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Ferhat OYGUR

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I Made tons of search about this but i couldnt fix my problem. i noted every single settings on attached file and im looking for your helps.

Q1: (Look Pdf file first please) With these settings when I’m playing Heroes of the Strom mostly twitch display freezes for 5 seconds. I’m checking dropped frames its mostly %7 or %10 I believe my upload speed is not stable. When I’m checking twitch dashboard it says Excellent quality at connection information, but it freezes.
With same settings sometimes, I can stream very smooth and good quality can anyone check my settings. I need help about this issue. I will be going to double my internet soon with a load balancer router but first I should figure it out this.

double vdsl connection will going to be my last option couse it will cost me a little expensive for me. if i can solve this problem can be fixable with settings i want to try after that for qualty and fps i will double my internet.

really thanks for all your helps.


  • henimex stream settings.pdf
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