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CurrentSong - Firefox extension to share the info of your music


CurrentSong is a Firefox extension that writes the current playing song from popular music sites to a text file and a XML file. The text file can be used with OBS, XSplit or similar software to display the song information in an overlay. The XML file can be used to add animations to your overlay.

CurrentSong is very lightweight and...

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  • Added Parse title option (off by default): If enabled will try to extract the artist name of the current title. Only applied to SoundCloud and YouTube.
    • This will only work correctly if the track title is in the format 'artist - song'
    • If the track title contains '-' but isn't in the correct format, the song and artist will be parsed incorrectly
  • Example
    • Parse title off:
      • Song...

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If someone is having trouble with CurrentSong on Spotify, please check if your URL is or and tell me here.


Hi, I'm actually having trouble with that. I can't log to spotify using the link, it sends me to the and sadly your add on doesn't work with this link. Are you working on fixing it or must I go check another add on to display spotify on my stream ?

Thank you by advance