Question / Help Crashing on startup every time but only started today?


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I've been using OBS for years and have never really had any problems but when going to record something on my Switch, OBS has started crashing every time I start it. I'm using an Elgato HD60 S:

GPU driver is up to date
OBS is up to date
Game capture software is up to date

When using the game capture software everything runs fine. The switch is displayed, sound and video go through my monitor and I have no problem. As soon as I start OBS, it crashes then hangs in task manager and I can't use end task to stop it. It also keeps my webcam on until I restart my pc. Thanks for any help!

I'm using OBS instead of the game capture software because I like OBS' usability much more than Elgato. (In case people are wondering)


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