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OBS Lua Count Down Adaptive Timer 1.0


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Count Down Adaptive Timer - Count Down Adaptive Timer

This is a timer for obs. Using the improved count down timer made by Tormy as a base.
This timer will detect how long your count down has left and will only display minutes if there are minutes and same with hours.
This also currently takes in seconds instead of minutes for the duration.
(Planned implementations
- a drop down to select if you want it to be adaptive and if so if you want it to only cut our hours (display seconds as 00:59) or if you want it to cut minutes ( display seconds...
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Hi, unfortunately nor with mine not with your, since I reinstalled OBS with version 21.1.2 the drop down "Txt Field works" :-/
Hi, is there a way that I can make it so that the "00:" of the minutes shows even after it is down to 59 seconds or less?

For example, that is goes from 1:00 to 0:59 instead of 1:00 to 59.

Thank you so much, this plugin is great.