CODM - No audio from headphones when in game mic on


New Member

I'm hoping someone can help me as I cannot seem to find the answer to this issue anywhere.

I'm streaming Call of Duty Mobile through OBS Studio using Elgato to capture my gameplay from my Asus ROG5 Phone (Android).

I plug my headphones into my laptop to get audio from my gameplay and have no issues with this however when I turn my in game mic on, to talk to my team mates, I lose audio from my headphones and it starts coming out of the phone speakers. I have tried all options in the audio monitoring settings.

The Elgato is plugged into my laptop via USB, then HDMI lead from Elgato to HDMI Adapter which is then plugged into my phone.
Microphone for the stream connected via USB. Headphones connected via Type C (I have also tried connecting headphones via aux).

After speaking to a few people they believe it's something to do with phone but I cannot seem to find a solution.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)