Question / Help Changing from a 1080p to a 1440p monitor stuttering in stream


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Hey guys,

I'll try and make this as brief as possible. So I recently purchased a 1080ti and 1440p monitor (DELL S2417DG 24 INCH). My stream could of looked better before but it never used to lag.

Now I'm still learning how to use this software effectively but I'm still relatively new to it. My specs are as follows:

  1. 1080ti
  2. I7 8700k (not overclocked)
  3. 16gb of RAM (3200mhz)
  4. asus Z370 board

Now I think I narrowed the problem down to being the scaling of the resolution but I don't really know how to fix the problem. I checked my stats and it stated (when playing for honor) that my average time to render frame was bouncing between yellow and red

I've done some basic changes I.E the default canvas and have kept the downscale to 1280x720. changed the refresh rate as well. I have changed to x264 as well as used Nvenc and found that Nvenc works better than x264 but I could have it set up incorrectly.

Now I downscaled the default monitor resolution to 1920x 1080 but as you can imagine it doesn't look very good on a 1440p monitor BUT it did perform better at the cost of the quality which is why I made this investment in the first place . If you guys can help me in any way I would greatly appreciate it or offer any advice I will gladly try any changes as I have no idea. here is the most recent log as well:
Hey! :) Just few things from the log that might have this effect...

03:32:10.134: Windows 10 Gaming Features:
03:32:10.134: Game DVR: On

Remove all the windows game DVR things

03:32:10.134: Running as administrator: false

Run OBS as admin

03:32:10.205: OBS 21.1.0 (64bit, windows)

You are running old OBS version, so manually update the latest one because autoupdate is broken :)


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It seems the Threadstarter does not know, that you can use just one game_capture source for all games (autodetect).
I would remove a few hundred game_capture sources from your scenes, turn off Windows Game DVR, manually Update OBS and then create+upload a log file the right way (so we can actually see a recording or streaming attempt in the log).
At the end, the increased GPU load and the usual lack of a smart FPS limit might be the reason, why we might see some rendering lag in the next log file.


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I see. I have set a integer frame rate lock of 100 to see if that will help the situation. I'll do a stream tonight and play for honor to see if the issue persists and upload a proper log. Thanks for the help though guys I'll keep you posted :)