Question / Help Can't stream Conan Exiles using OBS Studio 64-bit

A Good Dad Joke

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I've used Studio 64 before to stream both ARK and Skyrim and the app updated upon my opening it again just today. My set-up is all still there, but the window capture that I had been using for the other two games absolutely will not pick up Conan Exiles. Even when I select the game window for Conan Exiles, the window shows my desktop and a windowed version of OBS that I don't even have open. As stated above, I am using the 64-bit version, I have tried using the game capture mode with anti-cheat selected, I have tried selecting multi-adapter compatibility in windowed mode, I always run OBS in administrator, and I can't use display capture because I need to switch between windows while playing. I tested the windowed mode again with ARK after so much distress with Conan, and the capture worked fine. I know that streaming Conan is possible because I've watched so many people stream on Twitch, so I'd really like a solution to this before I uninstall the app and lose hours of work. The second issue I've encountered is that Snip will not pick up the text files from my Spotify anymore, which also worked when I used to stream ARK and Skyrim. I have tried deleting and replacing the "now playing" source, restarting OBS, Snip, and Spotify, restarting the computer, reformatting Snip to default, with no avail. ANY assistance would be super appreciated as I'm extremely frustrated and close to throwing out my laptop. lol.