Cannot Find VLC in Sources


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Can someone try to help me on this one!! I've been trying for hours! This is probably one of the most common topics I see on here and one I just can't seem to get it correct. I've reached out to OBS support and they were telling me to restart my computer, which I did 4 times already. They also said I need to download it to the server. I'm sure they meant download in to my computer, right? Anyway, I just got my OBS server access today. Since then I've been trying like crazy to find "VLC Video Source" in Sources. VLC was downloaded a few days ago and set up with my streaming music. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have a playlist that I'll be streaming on Youtube and I did set it up on VLC. I downloaded 64 bit OBS and 64 bit VLC. One thing I think that may or may not make a difference is I have a Mac and the server is Windows. It seems like the server is just run on Windows, but I can still have a Mac or PC. Any suggestions? I've seen on here people were downloading older versions of VLC and some seem to work. My computer is a MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6. The latest version of VLC which is 3.0.16, is what I downloaded. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.