Can I take from OBS 28 and use it in OBS 27.2.3?


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For the moment, I am not updating obs-studio to 28.x, because I cannot get obs-rtspserver (3.0.0) to work with it, hence I have downgraded back to obs-studio 27.2.3 and obs-rtspserver 2.3.0.
However I really liked that I can use VST 2.x plugins in OBS 28.
Until I get to fix the issue with RTSP server, Can I take the from obs-studio 28 and make use of it in 27.2.3?
Do I need some additional files? Or is it not going to work at all?


At the risk of completely wrecking your rig and making you rebuild it from scratch, I'm going to say the same thing here that I did to someone else with a similar issue:

Generally, you want to keep the video and audio processing separate, so that each can be excellent at its own job, and then combine them at the last step. Practically, this means moving all of the audio processing out of OBS and into something else, that feeds OBS as an unchanged passthrough. That something else could be a physical mixer that feeds a dedicated sound card, or a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that feeds a loopback on the same machine. Either way, the raw audio sources go directly to the audio processor, not OBS, and OBS only sees the final result. Any audio plugins also go in the external audio processor, not OBS.

I'd recommend Ardour as a VERY capable DAW:
And if you can and haven't already (this is the rebuild-from-scratch part), switch to Ubuntu Studio, which has both Ardour and OBS preinstalled, and a TON of plugins that already work:
Add OBS's official PPA, according to the sticky thread in this forum, and the normal update process gets you the current version of OBS.