Question / Help Camera not in use, but ON


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I am using OBS studio. The current scene I am using doesn't require my Webcam, or rather I prefer not to use it. The Webcam is not a source in this scene, but it still turns ON. However other scenes (which are not selected) do have Webcam settings.

It's like as soon as I turn on OBS Studio -- it turns on my webcam.... even if the selected scene doesn't have any need for Webcam or any settings.

Anyways to only turn on Webcam when I need it without removing it from other scenes?

DJ Sterf

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This feature should be revised, but here's how I got this to resolve --

Go to a scene with your webcam object. Right click it and choose Properties, then Check the box labeled 'Deactivate when not showing'

This isn't the most intuitive...but that's how I got mine to resolve...hope it helps!

Suslik V

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