Cam Link optimized settings for OBS Studio

OBS Studio Cam Link optimized settings for OBS Studio


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Cam Link optimized settings for OBS Studio - This guide will go over best practices for using Elgato Gaming Cam Link in OBS Studio.

Recommended settings (With 1080p60 input)
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • FPS: 59.94
  • Format: YUY2
When using Cam Link to capture video as well as audio, there may be no audio captured. To fix this, there are two methods:

Get HDMI audio from Cam Link
  1. Open the properties of Cam Link source (Right click -> Properties)
  2. Check the box title Use Custom Audio Device
  3. From the Audio Device dropdown menu, choose Digital Audio...

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ali demir

New Member
hi there. ı have ıssues eıther wıth camlınk or obs ıtself. ı spent 5 daysto fıgure thıs out wathed tutorıals for hours. ı cant fıx ıt! ı have go pro 6 and ı have cam lınk elgato captuve devıce. and ı have13" mac pro i5 8gb ram. when ı connect all together. the vıdeo ıs freezıng there ıs no delay but ıts freezıng. ı trıed everythıng to get ıt rıght but ıt ıs not workıng properly.what should ı do ? please help

Filip S

On Ubuntu but also on rpi4 - its usefull todo a usbreset


# deviceid="0fd9:0061" # elgato camlink 720p
# deviceid="0fd9:0066" # elgato camlink 4K

lsusb -d 0fd9:0066
if [ $? = 0 ]; then

lsusb -d 0fd9:0061
if [ $? = 0 ]; then

elgatohdmireset ()
echo "Device to reset $deviceid"
sudo usbreset $deviceid
while [ $? -gt 0 ]; do
echo "Elgato $deviceid reset OK"
sleep 10
sudo usbreset $deviceid
sleep 5
echo "Finished Elgato $deviceid device reset"