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Browser Source: Load YouTube or Vimeo using the embedded player 2021-05-10


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BigG submitted a new resource:

Browser Source: Load YouTube or Vimeo using the embedded player - A script to load a YouTube or Vimeo video into a browser source using the embedded player

I experimented with using the YouTube and Vimeo embedded players with key parameters that I needed;
1. To autostart when made visible or not
2. To loop the video or not
3. T start the video after n seconds (YouTube only)

The script allows you to select
  • The service: YouTube or Vimeo, defaults to YT
  • The browser source that the video will play in: the script creates a dropdown list of available browser sources
  • Video ID to be played: THis can be found in the url of the video...

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Hi, thank you very muh for the script... works really good..May I ask, can u add the following options same as the loop selection?:

VideoQuality -> vq= Option


  1. // Quality options from Youtube API
  2. YP.quality_options = ['highres', 'hd1080', 'hd720', 'large', 'medium', 'small', 'default'];

  3. // Playback quality (delete the qualities you don't want. e.g. if you want 720p max, delete the highres and hd1080 lines)
  4. YP.quality = 'default';
  5. YP.quality = 'small';
  6. YP.quality = 'medium';
  7. YP.quality = 'large';
  8. YP.quality = 'hd720';
  9. YP.quality = 'hd1080';
  10. YP.quality = 'highres';
Dnt know if this can help:


YouTube Controls ON/OFF -> controls= Option (0/1)

Modest Branding (Hide Youtube Branding) modestbranding= Option (0/1)

Mute Video -> mute= Option (0/1)

Recomendations -(Turn ON/OFF Video Recommendations) -> re= Option (0/1)

Also, can you add and option to add more than 1 Video ID (for example, a list of 10 or more Video IDs, and let us select them from the list, like u can select just the video 3 id or 4 id without having to remove video 1 id. I use Videogame trailers for the game im currenly plying and could be nice to have them in a list to just checkmark the one I want to display without removing the prevoius ID that im gonna need in future streams. Also, Can u add the possibility to assign a name to the Video ID so we can have the name of the video ID? (with a text box i think is enough)

I know is a lot of things, but this can improve this awesome script.

Thank you very much in advance.

This could be awesome and helpfull.

PS: Right now, im using this Link to show the Youtube video in a browser source: ID)?autoplay=1&vq=hd720&re=0&controls=0&modestbranding=1&mute=1&loop=1&playlist=(VIDEO ID)
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1 It plays the music on all scenes, even with no player selected in the scene.
2 you can't change volume
3 you can't skip


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Could you make this so it will start playing when transition from preview to program and stop when it goes back to Preview.