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Browser Plugin - Browser source for OBS Studio

Latest download:

1.0.10 (Experimental)

Mac version:

This version is for Apple OSX 10.8+ 64bit.

Chrome Version: 41.0.2272.43
CEF Version: 3.2272.2029

Download link: Browser Source 1.0.10

HTML5 Test results


1.0.6 (Stable)

This is currently only available for the mac which ONLY has a 64bit version.

The browser plugin comes with two variants:
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I installed the .dmg file and followed all the steps but it doesn't show up in any of my files or in OBS. It doesn't give me the option of where to install it either (it doesn't let me switch). This is probably really simple, but i can't just seem to do it myself. Thanks


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If you ran the installer, you should now be able to add a Browser Source to your scene by pressing the + button under the Sources box.
if you manage to help me that would be awesome :) because I don't even know what to do. none of the videos that I searched have the problem that I do