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    Browser Plugin - Browser source for OBS Studio

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  2. dodgepong Administrator


    Works great, and easier than ever to install!
  3. Faruton


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  4. Swefex Member

    THANK YOU for this plugin! Works like a charm with twitchalerts! You are a GOD! All cred to you!
  5. ape47 New Member

    background color is black when i streamming on twitch.
  6. dodgepong Administrator


    The black background color (transparency) will be fixed with the next OBS update.
  7. ape47 New Member

  8. dodgepong Administrator


    The transparency issue should be fixed as of 0.6.2.
  9. ape47 New Member

  10. Andy Corn Member

    I installed the .dmg file and followed all the steps but it doesn't show up in any of my files or in OBS. It doesn't give me the option of where to install it either (it doesn't let me switch). This is probably really simple, but i can't just seem to do it myself. Thanks
  11. dodgepong Administrator


    If you ran the installer, you should now be able to add a Browser Source to your scene by pressing the + button under the Sources box.
  12. Andy Corn Member

    Thats the thing, i ran the installer but it still doesnt show up. Should i redownload everything. obs and the plugin or what should i do
  13. dodgepong Administrator


    Do you have a "obs-browser" folder in your /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins folder?
  14. Mrgreen55 Active Member

    When will this come to the window ???
  15. dodgepong Administrator


    Windows users who are still using the original OBS can use the CLR Browser source.
  16. Andy Corn Member

    Yes i do have that folder
  17. dodgepong Administrator


    What version of OBS do you have? And can you take a screenshot of what the menu looks like when you press the + button?
  18. Mrgreen55 Active Member

    ... i was talking about the the New obs for windows..
  19. Andy Corn Member

    I have OBS 0.5.1; however, i have tried it on the latest version and it still doesn't work. Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 5.15.05 PM.png
  20. Andy Corn Member

    if you manage to help me that would be awesome :) because I don't even know what to do. none of the videos that I searched have the problem that I do