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Hi, I'm a real newby to streaming.
Have currently 2 PCs connected and streaming videos with "WebCam Monitor" on one side and VLC on the other. Very simple to get that work. But now I want to change to OBS.

Can someone give me a hint where to find a configuration and example for this to work in a Windows 7 environment:

* PC#1 a video Camera connected and OBS running in streaming mode
* PC#2 Running VLC and shall receive the stream

The numerous tutorials for OBS are great and OBS workes fine. However, how to get the stream across the LAN..... I really looked to many videos, threads and posts but could not find a solution or hint how to setup. How does nginx fits into this?
Any help or link to a setup is appreciated


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OBS uses the rtmp protocol to stream. This depends on servers to distribute the stream to the viewers, thats where nginx fits in. You can run it on any of the two machines and under windows just fine.

Lets say PC1 has the lan ip and PC2 has .0.6, we run nginx on PC1 (with a simple configuration file that has one application called "live1" which awaits your stream). In OBS on PC1 we setup a livestream to a custom service and can use rtmp:// or rtmp:// for the server address.
As playpath use "camera" without the quotes. You probably already configured your scenes in OBS (added the Camera) so you could now start streaming.

On the second PC, load up VLC and use open network stream. As the address this time we have to use rtmp:// so we combine the network ip with the application and the playpath so VLC can request the stream from nginx. So after clicking Play, you should see your camera feed.

For nginx, I host a compiled package for Windows at it comes with an example config file so is pretty much ready to go. (Has the live1 app already) Of course if you have a question, just post it below and if you want some more general guides about nginx check out:


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Hi JackOr,
I really appreciate your help. I now understand a little better. First trial with the basic settings was successfull. And streams are really high Quality. Best I had so far.
Thank you very much.
Rolf from Germany