Question / Help BM Intensity Extreme no audio from captured HDMI/RCA


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Hello all I recently got a BMIE and am using it with my Haswell MacBook Pro to capture gameplay from my gaming PC and PS3/Xbox to stream to twitch.
The issue I am having with MP OBS is that no HDMI audio or RCA audio is being output by OBS to the stream,I have verified that audio is indeed being output over the HDMI and RCA using a splitter and other TV. Also I have tried setting the audio preference options in OBS to Aux/Mic and the others using the "black magic audio" selection and then adding a audio input capture in OBS and selecting "black magic audio" again there.
However I am still unable to get the audio from my capture device to output through the OBS stream, I am pretty sure it is a setting or something I am missing because it works perfectly in the demo version of WireCast I have and everything looks and sounds great @ 1080p 30FPS.

I have made sure the input options in the BMIE pref page are correct and can't seem to find anything else wrong setting wise unless there is an issue with MP OBS I am unaware of.
I also tried using WavTap but that was for capturing desktop audio and couldn't see an option to pull the capture device audio from it. I am using version 0.6.4 too if that helps, says is the latest when I do update check

TY for any help!
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Hm, interesting. I may have to get the device to know for sure -- you said you added the device as an Aux/Mic device and it didn't play? Could you give me a log file of that?


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sure Jim I will upload a log when I get home, I have tried adding the device under all the Aux/Mic devices and see no levels from anything except the internal macbook mic.
I did get fully operational with WireCast also after purchasing the big $$ license, so I can confirm the setup works with that software


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I have the same interface for my mb pro and I am having the exact same issues.
It is 100% an OBS issue, since it works fine to capture audio from it in any other application I got, and Mac sound settings shows output from that source as well.
It's dead silent in OBS though, regardless if it's under Aux/Mic devices or not.