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    Hello I am new to the forum, I make this posting, because I would like to know how to add pluggins to the project, so you can put video capture boards, video accelerators, camcorders, etc.. to be able to live streamings. I hope this becomes big and comment.
    I work with black magic, but the software did not take. If alguin know something, please comment. Greetings.
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    Hello there, welcome to the forum. Please don't make your posts all-bold.

    OBS should already work fine with the BlackMagic Intensity Pro. What kinds of problems did you have?
  3. SITEA Member

    Hi dodgepong,
    my problem is that in the option settings -> video -> video adapter, I do not see the option to select the blackmagic intensity pro. I want to select it and see if I can connect a camcoder (I have a little camera panasonic), also see if i can do chroma. In order to understand hope and forgiveness for the bold. Greetings.
  4. R1CH

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    Add it as a source (video capture device). The video settings page determines what GPU the scene is rendered on and is unrelated.
  5. SITEA Member

    Thanks for responding, I do not understand the explanation. What add the black magic as susrce?. That is what you add to the black magic as video device?, Where?.

    Let's steps:

    When I enter option settings -> video -> video adapter, not my black magic to select, how do I bring up my black magick?. Thanks for the help.
  6. dodgepong Administrator


    No, that menu is for selecting a video card. Use this:


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                          That's what I did, as it says help manual, but my screen is still black. Connect my camcoder to my black magic by hdmi, nothing happened, still black. Then, connect my rca camcoder by and still black. In both cases I give click to start previewing, and nothing happens. It's worth, I use windows 7 x86 ultimate edition, I hope your answer. Greetings.
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