Question / Help Black Screen problem


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I was trying to stream a game, but when I tried to capture it, screen was black. I've tried a lot of solutions, like trying to capture the game, capture only window, display capture, make a hotkey, I've also tried to change the compatibility with Win 7, run as an administrator, I've also tried to change the resolution of the game (there's no way to put the game into the window mode - only fullscreen) My anticheat is also checked. I dont have integrated graphic card on my PC, so changing the graphic 3D for integrated won't work. I've tried to first open the game then the OBS, and first OBS and then the game. I was also trying to open the game both on OBS 64bit and 32bit and close some tasks in task menager. The problem starts when I start the game "Stronghold" and "Stronghold Crusader", different games I've played are going well, display capture is ok, black screen appears only when I'm starting those two games. Do you have any ideas what else can I do?