Question / Help Black Screen problem with Oblivion


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very new to obs, it worked fine in the past but now i've got a black screen problem while trying to stream Oblivion.
even display capture doesn't seem to work
i've tried run as admin, the correct bit for computer is run (64 bit), i don't know what else to try.
log: file:///C:/Users/Abigail/AppData/Roaming/obs-studio/logs/2018-09-03%2001-55-44.txt

i use an intel celeron quad core processor n2930, intel HD graphics

not sure what else you need to know, let me know.


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You need to upload the log either here or to a site like pastebin, we can't read it off your hard drive. The link you posted is just the path to the logfile on your own computer.