Question / Help Black Screen on window capture (after following advice)


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I'm trying to capture the screen of the WhatsApp desktop app for Windows using OBS, but I just get the dreaded black screen.

My system is an ASUS laptop with dual GPU (this must be the bain of your life at the moment)

I've searched extensively online and on this forum and followed the advice,

such as
- Enable multi-adapter compatibility
- Set both OBS and WhatsApp.exe to run from the Integrated Intel GPU
- Disabled hardware acceleration in Chrome

I've followed the advice set out in

I've been trying this for hours now. Please can you shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance.

OBS Black Screen.png


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If this is a Windows Store app, it isn't possible to capture it with anything except display capture. No Windows Store app can be captured with Window capture, and game capture works in the rare case the app is a game whose game engine uses directx for output.