Question / Help Black Screen Game Capturing Borderlands 2


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So far, every game that I have played and every game that I have used Game Capture for works fine.
However, for Borderlands 2, all i get is a black screen and audio.
I've tried turning MSI afterburner off, it hasn't helped, and I'm also running OBS as administrator.
Also, Display and Window Capture works fine, it's only game capture that I get black screen
Thanks in advance!

I have also attached the log.

Windows: 64 bit operating system
CPU: i7 8700k
GPU: GTX 1080Ti
Monitor: 144hz refresh rate (why i want game capture to work or else it looks and feels like shit)


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Hello and welcome to my nightmare.

I'm doing a series of complete games with no commentary and Borderlands 2 being my favorite game is the most important to me. So until we get some developer assistance I doubt this will ever be resolved. If you search here under the OBS Classic area you'll see several others who've had similar problems so this is a long standing issue. Curious why it was never dealt with and or no legtimate workaround exists.

I'm gonna try to capture in windowed mode tonight (ugh, I hate windowed mode) just to see if that works.