Question / Help Bit rate drop to around 0-100 using 21.1 and elgato


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Hi, thanks for your help.

So I'm a twitch streamer, I'm using OBS 21.1.0, you can see all my sources from the log files.

So my set up as been working fine for the last two weeks. Unfortunately my GPU stopped working, so I bought a nice new relatively good laptop, again, you can see the spec in the log. For the first 2 days, it ran PERFECTLY. I was streaming at 6000 bitrate, 60fps, 720p. Suddenly on Friday, the stream started to lag, and the eventually cut off completely. Now I can only get it to run smooth for 5 seconds MAX.

I stream PUBG mobile from my iPad. I use an elgato HD60S to capture, and then a separate cam and mic for the rest.

It started with a huge stream delay, then the lagging, then the freezing, and then it stopped completely. Now it just freezes and stops. I've noticed that chrome will run slowly too. I noticed the bitrate starts off strong then drops to 0 and fluxes anwhere between 0 and 100.

Things I've tried:
Changed my bitrate to 3000, and then to 1700.
Changed my FPS to 30
Changed the encoding from x264 to NVENC H.264
Tried Wired connection
Had the ISP reset router and change wifi channels. I have a solid 6mbps upload, 10 when it's not peek time. 70-100 download. I can pretty much rule out internet.

What could it possibly be? My computer should be more than fast enough, and so should my internet? why so suddenly?

I MASSIVELY appreciate ANY help. LOG is attached

Thank you


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