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All Versions Avoid Washed out Colors while streaming (wide gamut monitors) - LUT solution


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Avoid Washed out Colors while streaming (wide gamut monitors) - LUT solution - washed, out, colors, wide, gamut, adobeRGB, adobe98, srgb, LUT

Common Problem :
Some people are experiencing a big issue with OBS while streaming with a wide gamut monitor and a custom ICC profile like "Monitor native or adobeRGB or DCI-P3" icc profiles :
Colors are washed out on the stream (twitch / youtube for example).

My solution requires Photoshop.

Troubleshooting :
Open "C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio\data\obs-plugins\obs-filters\LUTs\original.png" in Photoshop.
2) If the "Missing Profile" popup is displayed : select...

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It seems like there is something wonky with color on Apple computers in particular.

When you use OBS on an Apple system, the preview window seems to display media with an unmanaged color profile (correct me if I am wrong). Pretty much every other app on your Mac uses your display's Color Sync profile to display its colors. The practical result of this is that media played inside of OBS has more contrast than when it is played in an app, such as QuickTime, or YouTube(on Safari).

For Apple computers, the link below is useful to combat the aforementioned problem, but instead of using the "sRGB" profile that you mention, I found that the "HD 709-A" profile was the only profile that worked for me.

In addition to this LUT, I found that following the below process helped to unify the colors in OBS vs. different apps on Apple:

-Ensure that OBS is closed.
-Navigate to System Preferences > Displays > Colors.
-Select the HD "709-A" profile.
-Open OBS.
-Switch back to your displays normal profile.

Following those steps seems to match the colors on OBS, QuickTime, and YouTube(on the Safari browser). Also, for some reason, resizing OBS windows will reset the colorspace, and the process will need to be repeated.

I think that some work needs to be put in this area of the program for Macs. The whole thing seems a bit buggy to me.