Question / Help Avermedia Extremecap U3 support?

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Hey folks, just found this today and I haven't seen anything on the Avermedia, so I figured I'd just ask.

Now that they support Mac, has anyone tried this device yet with OBS? If so, is it working?

Thanks much!


It doesnt work. It has to work with Avermedia's program. I have a guide that will let you stream from that said program. But its not using OBS.


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As far as I can find they don't offer AVCapture drivers. I've been using Syphon inject to capture the window from RECentral.


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I started with an AverMedia Extremecap U3 yesterday. At this time I could not add the capture card as a Video Capture Device like some of the tutorials have been able to do. Since this card is so new, troubleshooting articles don't exist. I'm going to continue to research and try different things. If I find a solution other than Syphon Inject, Window, or Screen Capture I'll post here.