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OBS Python Automatic ffmpeg re-encoding (Good for learning Python API) 0.1


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Abrahams submitted a new resource:

Automatic ffmpeg re-encoding - Automatically reencode your recordings when they're finished.

Automatically convert your videos using ffmpeg when they're finished recording. Specify custom flags and renaming with regular expressions. Uses the ffmpeg version found in the system path.

This was originally intended to be a few lines of code but it turned into something a bit more involved. I believe I pushed the plugin API to its limits! Currently, the biggest limitations I've found in the Python API are callback support, and availability of the config_ api. If someone extends the...

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Hi, when I try and configure this plugin, i don't get any options in the right hand window?



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A little while ago I installed pluguin vlc to run audio streaming on my obs. So far so good, but if I turn off the audio streaming shoutcast, when I log in obs studio does not return the audio. it looks like it's off. Is there a way, some script that I can install or some command that I can automate the obs so that always check the audio streaming if it is online and in case it is not it is called again so that it works? I use obs in ubuntu linux


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I cannot seem to get the subprocess command to run within OBS. It runs from the command line (with "ffmpeg -h" as the command).

Solved - A reboot fixed my issue. Gotta love Windows!