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Free Audio Visual Scope | Basic Playlist Program v1.1.1


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Audio Visual Scope | Basic Playlist Program - Program with basic playlist functions that outputs a live graphic similar to some media players.

This program is an audio playlist that supports looping a single song, loading songs in batches, and complete and partial unloading; pretty much the minimum definition of a playlist. But the noted addition is the graphic window that comes with it: a wave form based on audio playing.


  • Audio playlist for both MP3 and WAV formats,
  • Looping function which loops ONLY the song playing...
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Progress on v1.1

Hello OBS Community,

There has been work done on a live graphical feedback of the computer's audio input. This should include things such as microphones, instrumental and redirecting program audio using some sort of patch bay.

For the future, removing the MP3 playlist feature is being considered as MP3 doesn't load well with the visual information without occasional clips and snaps. With faster PCs however this may not be a problem.

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