Any chance this will eventually work with XP?


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I have Windows XP on my computer, so unfortunately I can't use this program (I have heard very good things about it, and wanted to give it a try instead of FMLE or XSplit). Are there plans to have this eventually work with XP, and if not, what OSes are currently supported?


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It only supports vista SP2(?) and up at the moment.

XP doesn't support DirectX 10, unfortunately. I make use of many D3D10 features to optimize the application, as well as capturing. It allows me to do more things via the GPU directly rather than have to use the CPU and slow things down. I also use the latest visa/7 audio subsystem for audio capture.

I really wish I could support XP, but unfortunately I just can't. Microsoft in their greedy wisdom denies technology advancements in older versions of windows in order to force people to upgrade -- and it sadly works. I'm not going to lie, I do not like microsoft at all. They should have been split up in the 90s, but then the law for splitting up companies to prevent monopolies mysteriously seemed to vanish (got to love corrupt lawmakers).

In my ideal world, everyone uses linux, and free knowledge is encouraged to help further develop technological advancement. But sadly money is all people seem to care about, and if there's one thing microsoft has, it's money.


there has been many attempts to implement dx10 on winxp and surprisingly it worked on some game with the help of couple of tweaks on the game files

maybe you can do something to get use of it for the application..

its called "DirectX 10 for Windows XP RC2 Pre Fix 3" and you can look it up on softpedia...

"Since DirectX 10 is not compatible with computers running older operating systems, such as Windows XP, 2003 or 2000, these machines cannot be used to install and run any game or application that requires DirectX 10.
This is why, this alternative was created: due to this tool, even those who do not want to upgrade their OS to newer ones will be able to enjoy their preferred games and software.
· Video card with support for DirectX 10"


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Well I appreciate the reply regardless. Eventually I will upgrade, probably to Win 7, and at that point I'll be sure to give OBS a shot.